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Decoy Restaurant  

Chef Joe Ng - renowned as "New York City's prince of dim-sun" - and his operating partner Ed Schoenfeld have truly made something special. Joe and Ed create mouth-watering traditional culinary delicacies. Their most popular dish, Peking duck, is a must-have.

Decoy Restaurant has been rated by the New York Post as one of the "spaciest restaurants in town". Decoy Restaurant is known for " the absolute best Peking duck in New York", and listed in "the absolute best Chinese restaurants in town". They serve fine and exotic dishes like the Octopus Salad and Gold Coin Scallion pancakes. Another savory dish is the tantalizing Crab & Scallop Fried Rice. However, the menu doesn't end there! Decoy Restaurant also has a bar with unique drinks such as the Winter Sidecar, Starry Nights, and the Mallard, to name a few.

Every day only twenty-five ducks are prepared; this allows each duck to be cooked perfectly before reaching the table. Each duck is prepared for almost twenty-four hours before it's ready. The famous dish has crispy skin, moist meat, and very little fat if any. To prepare the dish, one must place pieces of duck in a thick pancake along with scallions, and a slew of sauces.

Located in New York on Hudson street, Decoy Restaurant is open from 5 to 11 pm. They accept reservations online or over the phone. Most of the seating is at large communal tables, creating a close and friendly atmosphere. The bar is open for walk-ins each night serving the A LA Carte menu.

To experience the best dim-sum in New York, pay a visit to the Decoy.